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V.92 - Definition

V.92 is the new dial-up modem specification from the ITU (International Telecommunications Union) that introduces three new features that will add convenience and performance for the modem user. The three features are Quick Connect, Modem-On-Hold and PCM Upstream.

Quick Connect will shorten the time it takes to make a connection by remembering ("training") the phone line characteristics and storing them for later usage.

Modem-On-Hold allows you to receive an incoming call and stay connected to the Internet (Call-Waiting service from your phone company is all that is required). It also works in reverse; you can initiate a voice call while connected and keep the modem connection.

PCM Upstream boosts the upstream data rates between the user and ISP to reduce upload times for large files and email attachments. A maximum of 48 Kbps upstream rate is supported.


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